Allergy relief for your pet pal is just a few drops away!

PALLERGYTM sublingual immunotherapy drops offer a safer, simpler alternative to allergy shots for dogs, cats and horses.

Why choose PALLERGYTM drops for your pet’s allergies?

  • All the long-term benefits of immunotherapy—without the shots (just oral drops).
  • Treat the underlying allergy—not just its symptoms.
  • No allergy testing required.  (Avoids unreliable results and false negatives.) Our drops contain all the region’s major allergens for thorough relief.
  • Easy at-home administration for pet owners (just once per day).
  • Free from harmful side effects of steroids and other medications.
  • For atopic dermatitis (itching, hot spots, paw chewing/licking, etc.);  itchy, runny eyes; respiratory problems and more!

pet allergy treatment

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“We are so thankful we found this product!  Our dog has been on the PALLERGYTM drops for almost a year.  They have kept his scratching at bay and his bare spots have completely grown back.  They are so easy to administer, and he doesn’t mind getting the drops at all.”

Jackie Sellers

Dog Owner

“His skin allergies were so bad that he was almost bald. After taking the [PALLERGYTM] drops, he started growing the fluffiest new coat you’ve ever seen. He was like a teddy bear.”

Dennis McQuain

Dog Owner

“After about three or four weeks on the [PALLERGYTM] drops, she stopped getting skin lesions. She wasn’t itching or scratching as much. She was more at ease instead of being so hyper—even during the worst allergy season.”

Carol Reill

Horse Owner

“My dog has terrible allergies and after the steroids and antihistamines were not helping, I was searching for a more natural remedy and was desperate to get her some relief.  The drops are much easier to give her than pills, and I noticed a huge difference in her coat filling back in with less itching.  I’m so happy to have something that works so well.”

Sydney Zordani

Dog Owner