What’s better than volunteering? Volunteering and doing something that you love at the same time! Pet lovers can accomplish this by volunteering at an animal shelter.

There are many ways to get involved including becoming an animal bather, care assistant, or dog walker. You can also help out with education support programs or become an animal advocate (which includes contacting elected representatives about ways to improve the lives of animals in the community).

animal shelter

There are many perks…here are just a few!

1. Increase Chances of Animal Adoption

Pets that interact with volunteers are more vigorous and enthusiastic. This can often help pets’ chances of being adopted out into good families.

2. Meet New Friends

Animal shelters bring you close to other animal lovers. It’s a great way to find people with shared passions and hobbies.

3. Reduced Stress Levels

Spending time with animals can help you become more relaxed. Shelter volunteers often report feeling increased energy and purpose in their lives after volunteering.

Contact the Animal Humane Society closest to you about volunteer opportunities.