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Here’s how to start prescribing PALLERGYTM drops:

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  • Starter kits for new patients
  • Maintenance vials for continuing patients

2. Fax your order form to our affiliated compounding pharmacy (480-664-2289)

3. Allergy drops will be shipped to you or your clients

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Why Prescribe PALLERGY?

Wary of the side effects of antihistamines and steroids for your patients’ atopy? Tired of minimal improvement from topical solutions?

There’s a better way with PALLERGY sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops for dogs, cats, and horses:

  • No more referring your patients out for shot therapy
  • Prescribe the long-term benefits of immunotherapy without the hassle of injections
  • Treat the underlying allergy—not just its symptoms
  • Clients will love the easy, at-home administration (just once per day)
  • No allergy testing needed. (Avoids unreliable results and false negatives.) Our drops contain all the country’s major allergens for thorough relief.
  • For atopic dermatitis (itching, hot spots, paw chewing/licking, etc.); itchy, runny eyes; respiratory problems and more!

No Allergy Testing Required
Pet allergy testing can often result in false negatives and positives. A recent study1 of allergy testing in canines looked at replicate serum samples from 10 atopic dogs and found significant differences in diagnostic results and treatment recommendations depending on the test and the laboratory that developed it. Rather than relying on often arbitrary test results, PALLERGY drops contain all the major allergens in your region and beyond. That means pets will have thorough coverage against the full range of allergens that may affect them—not just those that may or may not show up on an allergy test.

1Plant J, Neradelik M, Polissart N, Fadok V, Scott B. “Agreement between allergen-specific IgE assays and ensuing immunotherapy recommendations from four commercial laboratories in the USA.” Veterinary Dermatology 2014; 25: 15-e6