As you get into the holiday spirit by decorating your home, it’s easy to overlook indoor hazards that the festivities create for out pets. Take time to make your home pet-friendly throughout the holidays.

1. Guard your tree

While decorating your tree, consider that your cats or dogs can be inquisitive of the tree’s presence or smell. Consider keeping trees on a stand or blocked off from pets to minimize dogs urinating on your tree and gifts or cats scaling the tree and potentially knocking it over.

cat tangled Christmas tree lights

2. Properly place Christmas tree decorations

Fancy lights and tinsel can lead to accidents. Cats are attracted to strings and ribbons. Dogs may chew electric cords, wires, or breakable ornaments. Consider keeping the bottom of the tree decoration-free. Also, hide wires or secure them with insulating cord covers.

3. Safe gifts

Want to give your pets something for the holidays? Don’t forget about your pet’s safety. For example, since dogs are chewers at heart, avoid small or breakable toys that may pose choking dangers.

4. Avoid harmful foods

The holidays mean eating delicious dishes. When the big eyes of your favorite pet stare at you in envy, it’s hard not to share a little bite with them from the table. Although we indulge in sweet, spicy, and fatty foods during the season, some of these may cause allergies, indigestion, and other illnesses for furry family members. Keep these triggers away from your cats and dogs. If you invite guests, remind them not to give anything to your pets. You can even feed your pets before the party to curb their urge to beg for scraps.

5. Clean up post-holiday clutter

While clutter is a natural consequence of the holidays (wrapping paper, gift boxes, etc.), minimize the time that the house stays cluttered. Pets are the best at finding things that should not be chewed on.