Pets can make a huge contribution to the family dynamic, so don’t forget to pick up a little something special for them as you venture out for holiday shopping this season. Here are a few fun ideas.

pet Christmas tree hazards

Dog Treat Launcher

This is perfect for the dog who loves to play catch. This launcher can catapult snacks into the air for your pet to chase and eat. It’s easy to use and can provide hours of fun for your pooch.

A Fancy Leash

Buck the old standard leash and find a new one made of extra comfortable material or a bit of bling or flare to match your pet’s personality.

Silk Dog Collar

Pair your new leash with a quality collar. For the fancy pooch, consider a silk collar (nice and comfy) available in different styles, designs, and colors. If they already have a nice collar, consider other accessories like puffer vests, bandanas, dog sweaters, etc.

Puff Ball Pet Bed

They say if you want to reserve the best spot in the house for yourself, you have to move the pet. Your cat or dog won’t feel the least bit shorted if you move them to a luxurious “puff ball bed.”

Cat’s Trapeze

Pampered cats need a castle to rest in. This unique item comes in various designs and levels. Your cat will love climbing and resting on the trapeze.