April is National Donate Life Month, a month of educating and encouraging people to become organ or blood donors. But do you know that it’s not just people who can donate, but also animals? There are blood banks and organ donation registries for animals, too. According to Petfinder.com, hundreds of animals need blood transfusions every day. And just like us, they need help.

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What You Can Do

Any pet can be a blood donor as long as they meet the requirements set by blood donation programs. These requirements usually vary from state to state. The main purpose of these requirements is to assess animals’ overall health. Typically, the donors should possess the following:

  • No sign of any illness
  • Friendly
  • Normal weight
  • Free of medications
  • A sound heart
  • A universal blood type
  • Not pregnant

Some entities even offer rewards for donation such as discounts on veterinary services.

What to do after donating blood?

Overall, donating blood won’t hinder your pet’s normal activities. Let them rest, and they should be feeling up to par in no time.

Some blood banks in the country:

  • Animal Blood Bank (Dixon, California)
  • Dove Lewis Blood Bank (Portland, Oregon)
  • Rocky Mountain Blood Services (Parker, CO)
  • Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank (Purcellville, Virginia)
  • Animal Blood Bank DBA (Stockbridge Michigan)
  • Eastern Veterinary Blood Blank (Annapolis, Maryland)

Call your local veterinarian for help finding the blood bank nearest you.