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The PALLERGY Advantage

Steroids and antihistamines are common treatments for allergies in cats, dogs and horses, but both have drawbacks. Steroids can compromise long-term health, antihistamines often provide only spotty relief, and neither of these medications works beyond the short-term.

PALLERGY drops offer lasting relief through allergy immunotherapy—the only treatment that can change the underlying allergic disease (instead of just its symptoms) and prevent the development of further allergy.1  PALLERGY drops are dispensed orally and absorb into the bloodstream through special cells in your pet’s mouth (safer and more user-friendly than allergy shots for cats, dogs, and horses).

How Do PALLERGY Drops Work?

PALLERGY drops contain extracts of common pollens and other allergens. With daily use, the drops can help your pet develop an immunity to these allergens so that they will stop reacting to them in ways that lead to harmful symptoms.

No Allergy Testing Required

If you have ever dealt with dog, cat or horse allergy testing, you know it can be hard on your pet. It can also often result in unreliable results (false negatives and positives). In fact, a recent study2 of dog allergy testing looked at replicate serum samples from 10 allergic/atopic dogs and found significant differences in diagnostic results and treatment recommendations depending on the test and the laboratory that developed it.

Rather than relying on often arbitrary test results, PALLERGY drops contain all the major allergens in your region and beyond. That means your pet will have thorough coverage against the full range of allergens that may affect them—not just those that may or may not show up on an allergy test.

PALLERGY Drops Can Help With:

  • Dog atopy; dog itching, paw licking and chewing; dog hot spots (hair loss); dog rash treatment
  • Cat sneezing; cat itching; cat rash, hives, acne; cat atopic dermatitis treatment (cat atopy)
  • Horse wheezing; horse atopic dermatitis treatment (horse atopy); horse watery eyes and nasal discharge, horse rash treatment; horse itching

If you suspect that your pet has allergies, click here to learn more about allergies in horses, cats, and dogs.

1Griffin C, Hillier A.  “ACVD Task Force on Canine Atopic Dermatitis (XXIV): Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy.” Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 81 (2001) 363-383

2Plant J, Neradelik M, Polissart N, Fadok V, Scott B. “Agreement between allergen-specific IgE assays and ensuing immunotherapy recommendations from four commercial laboratories in the USA.” Veterinary Dermatology 2014; 25: 15-e6